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Looking To The Future: Hotel Design and Brand Identity in the Middle East

Managing hotels can be really challenging in the hospitality management industry. Most people have no idea what goes into building a strong hotel brand. Developing brands for hotels must be nuanced. From the chef to interior decoration in the hotel, every part of hotel design is nuanced.

This construction of brand identity is also not limited to communication materials and traditional advertising and PR methods, it includes hotel architecture and design, which is important in building a cohesive brand identity and identifying with their consumer base. In the middle east, technological advances in the industry continually influence how hotels are built and designed.

Hotels work like any other brand as they aim to constantly redefining who they are to keep their relationships with their audience. Consumers show behavioral change in the buying and consumption of products, thus brands must align with the taste of the consumer if they are to keep generating revenue. In this article, the writer discusses the how collaborative technological innovation is influencing the future of hotel design in the Middle East.

Since hotel design teams are made up of architects, project managers and directors and even communication consultants, the aim of this collaboration is to create a cohesive brand message for guests, even on a tangible scale, that is to say, even the things that can be touched have to fit into the bigger picture. This is why you have items like bedsheets featuring hotel insignias, the aim is always a cohesive brand. As brands look to create a more futuristic look, research is geared towards more innovation and technology. The ME Dubai Hotel is one prime example of a hotel with a strong brand identity aimed at the future. The pictures below reflect the designs by Zaha Hadid.

140504_752_15_Atrium_3_Podium1 me-dubai-bedroom.w zaha-hadid-the-opus-building-dubai-designboom

To understand how hotel brands tailor their messages to the needs of the consumer, consider this quote by Issam Ezzedine, a project director and design architect at the National Engineering burea:

“Hotels are scrambling to anticipate travellers’ future needs, and some changes already taking effect can help us get glimpse of what’s to come: bathrooms will get bigger; guest rooms will get smaller; air-conditioning will be controlled via mobile phones; rooms will be equipped with high-tech LED (light emitting diode) and other lighting features; rooms will have minimalist design and open shelving; and there will be more local flavor.”

As the human race looks to the future, and science continually challenges what we know of our world and ourselves, technological advancements will constantly influence brand identity. Many hotel projects in the Middle East especially in Dubai are looking to science fiction as a source of inspiration in hotel design. As architects and project designers research on how to improve brands in their alignment with hospitality

To learn more about hotel design in the Middle East, read this great article by tradearabia


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