Top Boutique Hotels in Washington D.C

Washington D.C has vast variety of Boutique hotels to choose from. They offer stylish decor with a unique atmosphere and luxurious guest rooms.  Here are some of the best ones to check out in the D.C. area.

Morrison – Clark Inn

This historical hotel was built in 1864 as two separate townhouses. This hotel is a prime location for all tourists and business travelers with its close proximity to the United States Supreme Court, the White House and the Lincoln Memorial. What can be better than that? The hotel also has some incredible amenities, which include concierge services, a fitness center and a restaurant.

Georgetown Inn  

The Georgetown Inn offers its guests a wonderful experience. The rooms here are beautifully decorated with luxury and style. The location of this hotel is also great as it’s near many elegant shops and fine dining areas. Even though nightly fares for rooms here tend to be on the pricier side, it is worth every penny! I definitely recommend this elegant hotel!

Hotel Monaco

Hotel Monaco is located in the Penn Quarter neighborhood in the heart of downtown Washington, D.C. For those who do not know the history behind this hotel, it is the original General Post Office building.  It was built in 1839 by the architect of the Washington Monument, Robert Mills. The rooms here are very cozy with plenty of space.

Topaz Hotel

The Topaz hotel offers a stylish way of living for all guests. The rooms there are decorated beautifully with unique colorful wallpaper. If you are in the mood for a cocktail or quick bite, definitely check out the Topaz Bar, it is incredible. It has a great menu with an exquisite cocktail list to choose from.  Some amenities for the hotel include dry-cleaning and valet parking. For all of you pet lovers, you may have found the hotel for you as the Topaz Hotel is pet friendly!

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Top Hotels in Barcelona

Mandarin Oriental Barcelona

The Mandarin Oriental is an incredible place to check out if you get opportunity to come to Barcelona. This hotel is one of Barcelona’s most luxurious hotels, as the majority of the rooms are suites. Another great factor for coming here is the breathtaking views you get to see from your room.

Hesperia Tower Barcelona

This lovely hotel opened in 2006 and has attracted many people to come and enjoy their stay ever since. It is also one of the tallest buildings in the world. Another great thing about this incredible hotel is it is home to one of the best restaurants in Barcelona, Evo.  That is not even the best part, as Chef Santi Santamaria one of the best chefs in the world, is is the head chef there. You could be sure to have an amazing experience.

W Barcelona

This magnificent hotel is located right next the beautiful mediterranean. What can be better than staying waterfront in Barcelona? You get catch some breathtaking views of the ocean, sunrises and sunsets. There is such much to enjoy at the W Barcelona. They have some best restaurants, a beautiful pool, and a great rooftop bar to enjoy a few cocktails. I highly recommend you take a look at this hotel if you’re making a trip to Barcelona soon.

Hotel Arts Barcelona

Another hotel to keep in mind, especially if you enjoy staying near the ocean is Hotel Art Barcelona. This hotel overlooks the Mediterranean and is in a prime location. Right downstairs from the hotel you have an incredible selection of shops, restaurants, and cafe’s. This is awesome because you don’t have to worry about traveling to get places. It is also only 20 minutes from Barcelona airport, which is also a plus. The rooms are exceptional as well; they have variety of suites and luxury rooms.


Top 5 Hotels in Miami

Miami, Florida is an awesome place to be.  Let’s be honest, what is not to enjoy here. You have awesome weather with beautiful beaches, shops, and restaurants. Doesn’t that sounds great? The nightlife in Miami is also like no other. Many people have some difficulty in deciding where stay when they make their way to Miami. The reason is because Miami has such an awesome list of hotels. Well,  I have made your life a little easier. Check out this awesome video below on the top 5 hotels in Miami!   


Screen Hotel Picks : The Grand Budapest Hotel

Hotels seem to be all the rage now. With the release of American Horror Story: Hotel  and another season of Bates Motel, viewers remain transfixed by the sheer delight that is a character’s displacement in a hotel, or TV characters living in hotels.

One of the most beautiful hotels to grace out screens is The Grand Budapest hotel. The color palette and hotel design is one to be remembered, and all over the internet people are making attempts to curate the visual palette from the film. You can find some of the most interesting takes on the color palette used by movie director Wes Anderson on this blog .

If I had the choice to stay in any hotels from TV or Film, the Grand Budapest Hotel wuld be my top favorite and the least favorite would by Hotel Cortez from American Horror story.

The Grand Budapest Hotel,

Ayla Choudhery discusses the grand budapest hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel 2


Going to Paris for a getaway? Choose a Boutique Hotel!

Paris is one city most people dream of visiting. Tickets to Paris vary depending on the season, with prices rising in the summer, and lowering after the new year. Travelling can hurt your pockets, but if you are trying to make the most of your experience in a city like Paris, and you only have a little bit of money leftover for daily expenses and dining, choosing a Boutique hotel might be the answer to your lodging questions.

Boutique hotels provide guests with an intimate feel of a city, most especially in the downtown areas. With small staff number and hotel rooms, you feel like you are living in a home, as opposed to large chain hotels which are often known to deprive you of the vacation experience.

The charm in Paris lies in it’s beauty, it’s landmarks, the people and the french. So let’s look at some of the best ways to get there. Here are some of the best boutique hotels to stay in Paris

Relais Christine
The Relais Christine is a delightful and tasteful luxurious boutique in the heart Pairs. The hotel has preserved it’s intimacy of the private residence it once was. It is Located in the heart of Saint-Germain des Prés, and just 700 m from Notre Dame, it offers a lovely garden and a fitness centre. It is also walking distance to Musee D’Orsay.

Saint James Paris
The Saint James Paris is a 100-year old château surrounded by its own private garden, offering a unique experience of grandeur and intimacy, classicism and extravagance. Each of the 48 suites and rooms exudes its own atmosphere and tells a story filled with beautiful dreams.

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